"Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall"

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This is it!

Tonight is your last chance to see our “delightful ostentation… in the posteriors of this day”. The skies are clear, the humidity’s down, and the bug spray is free! We’ve had 10 performances to hone this comedy, and we’ll never get another chance at “such eruptions, and breaking out of mirth”.

Visit Isaac’s Way Restaurant or Cedar Tree Café until July 9, before or after the show, and present your advance ticket or ticket stub from Love’s Labour’s Lost for the Shakespeare Discount.

That’s just the humidity draining off.

With the rain and thunder passing, that’ll get rid of the sticky air for tonight. With only 2 show left we’re not going to cancel the show for damp ground.

It looks like a lovely afternoon to visit our restaurant sponsors’ patios at Issac’s Way Restaurant,
or Cedar Tree Café.



Or, if you feel like staying inside, read our bios and watch the trailer!

Only three more shows!

Catch our comic capers before it’s too late!

I see sunlight breaking through!

It’s been threatening to rain all day long, but it looks like it’s passing us by!

After last night’s mid-show cancellation, we’re all extra eager to give a stellar performance!

A little rain never hurt anyone

I know the skies are looking a little gloomy, but that just means there won’t be so many mosquitos. Dress for dampness and cooler weather tonight, or warm up with a discounted hot meal at one of our restaurant sponsors, Issac’s Way Restaurant, or Cedar Tree Café.

The show will not be cancelled for rain unless it’s heavy and sustained. Keep watching this site, our facebook page, and our twitter feed. Or call our festival mobiles, 238-3258 or 292-2008.

Clear skies ahead!

Another beautiful evening to watch a play in Odell park. Be there! We will be.

Once more unto the breach!

After a lovely Canada Day and much-needed rest, we’re getting back to Odell park tonight at 7:30! It’s been drying out for two days, and promises to be clear and mild tonight. The actors are rested and eager to jump back into the fray. Tonight’s show is one you don’t want to miss!

Watch the trailer by Chris Giles to sneak a peek of the ensuing hilarity. And don’t forget to take advantage of our dinner deals available at Isaac’s Way Restaurant and Cedar Tree Café.