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To be, or not to be – that is the question:


Bard in the Barracks is thrilled to announce that our 2014 production will be Hamlet, perhaps the best known and most widely admired of Shakespeare’s works.


Photo by Michael Holmes-Lauder

Pending final approval from Fredericton City Council, the production is tentatively slated to run June 25th through July 6thin Odell Park.

Our production will take you to the mysterious and combustible world of a squatters’ camp in Odell Park peopled by an itinerant community with a complex and highly developed culture and hierarchy, along with strong ties of blood.  There, Shakespeare’s profound and thrilling revenge tragedy will unfold amid the rocks, streams, and dark, wooded corners of the forest.

Continue to watch this site, follow us on Twitter, and watch Facebook for further details. What we can tell you for now is that we expect Hamlet to be our most intimate, immersive, and exciting Odell Park production yet. It also promises to be our most daring and unconventional, offering you a Hamlet unlike any you’ve ever seen before!

Stay tuned, Fredericton! Spring is just around the corner!



Photo by Michael Holmes-Lauder

That’s right! In less than a day Artistic Director, Len Falkenstein, will announce the show we’ll produce for 2014! Get excited!

Within a mere 20 hours, the contest will have started. Len’s going to tweet a BIG clue at noon tomorrow, March 5th. Gather ’round your tweeter’s and keep those thumbs poised, because it’s race! The first of our twitterati to respond with the correct answer will win 2 tickets to the show.

Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook, and stay tuned for more exciting announcements!

2014 Season Announcement March 5

Excited to know what production we’ve got up our sleeve for summer 2014? On Wednesday, March 5, we’ll be making the announcement. Here’s how it will work. At noon we will tweet a clue to the identity of the play. The first person to reply correctly identifying the production will win a pair of tickets. For additional fun, tell us how you arrived at the answer…

And we’ll follow that with a general announcement about the show and unveiling on our website!

Stay tuned and make sure to follow us on Twitter (@BardBarracks) and FaceBook.

A New Home!


Photo by Michael Holmes-Lauder

You can find us now at bardinthebarracks.com!
Nothing’s changed. You’ll still get all the updates, images, weather reports, and Shakespearean wit  you’ve come to love.

And speaking of updates, are you excited to hear what Bard in the Barracks will be staging in 2014? Look for a big announcement about our 2014 production Wednesday, March 5th at noon on Twitter!

Plus a chance to win tickets to the show!