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Last Chance! (for a bit)

2014HamletRehearsal111Tomorrow is our day off (first time this has happened in more than a week!), so expect excitement and high energies when you come to the show tonight! Because, why wouldn’t you?! The skies are clear, and the evening promises to be beautiful, and tomorrow is a holiday!

Third time’s a charm!

After two incredible shows, we’re just itching to give you a third.

71 bardfans showed up on Friday, and 126 last night! Show up early to beat the crowds! Will you be there tonight?

The actors prepare


This is what we look like before the show.


22 people dared those threatening clouds, and scoffed at the mud last night to watch our preview! And they left very happy.

Tonight we have our official opening, with reception to follow at DJ Purdy’s at the Delta Fredericton. Come for the show, and join the cast and crew afterwards for some.
It’s really close. You have no excuse.
Show your server your ticket stub and receive 2 for 1 apps with a drink purchase!




Tonight’s preview IS A GO! 

You too can be as happy as these cheerful folk!


Looks like the rain is holding off, and despite last night’s drizzle we had 15 steadfast bardfans brave the rain.

This is your chance to see the splendour that is Bard in the Barracks’ Hamlet.

Preview Cancelled!

We tried to burn away the rain, but to no avail!
Tomorrow’s forecast is looking similarly dreary, but Andreas will redouble his efforts in pyromancy until those rain clouds melt away. Stay tuned for updates here, or follow us on facebook and twitter!2014HamletRehearsal169


Put some faces to all those names!