The Comedy of Errors and Cymbeline

Dramatis Personae: Cymbeline

Cymbeline, king of Britain – Scott Harris

Imogen, his daughter – Kelly McAllister

Queen, his wife – Liz Goodyear

Cloten, her son – Robbie Lynn

Posthumus Leonatus, Imogen’s husband – Miguel Roy

Pisanio, servant of Posthumus – John Ball

Cornelius, a physician – Liam Browne

Helen, Imogen’s waiting gentlewoman – Mariana Amero

1st Lord – Kat Hall

2nd Lord – Alex Rioux

1st Gentlewoman – Hannah Blizzard

2nd Gentlewoman – Kira Chisholm

Belaria, a banished lady, disguised as Morgana – Rebekah Chassé

Guiderius, stolen son of Cymbeline, disguised as Polydore – Jean-Michel Cliche

Arviragus, stolen son of Cymbeline, disguised as Cadwal – Lucas Tapley

Philario, friend of Posthumus – Rebekah Chassé

A Frenchman, at Philario’s bar in Rome – Esther Soucoup

Iachimo, an Italian gentleman – Michael Holmes-Lauder

Caius Lucius, a Roman general – Esther Soucoup

Philharmonia, a Soothsayer, attending Caius Lucius – Liz Goodyear

Jailer – Kat Hall

Two Roman Captains – Liam Browne, Mariana Amero

Two Briton Captains – Kira Chisholm, Hannah Blizzard

Jupiter, a god – John Ball

Other roles played by members of the company.