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“Thanks to all; all have done well.”

So says good King Simonides to the assembled knights after they tourney for the love of his daughter, Thaisa. And it is what we say as we bid adieu with a somewhat heavy heart to the wonderful experience that was Pericles. Over the last two weeks, Odell Park witnessed many wonders. Men, and skulls, fell from trees. Hot air balloons and airplanes came in for landings. A dead woman was brought back to life nightly. Three different ships set sail through the park. A full-fledged lumberjack contest ended in a raucous feast. We ran a working bar for audience members at a brothel (not working..) in the woods. The forest was filled with the sounds of Maritime jigs mingled with classical South Asian song, rousing sea shanties, and other strange sounds that must have made other park visitors and neighbors for blocks around equally puzzled and delighted.

Thanks to all who helped make the production possible, our sponsors Picaroons Traditional Ales, UNB, the City of Fredericton, Downtown Fredericton Inc., Valley Graphics, and the Daily Gleaner. Thanks also to the King Street Ale House and Tim Hortons.

Most of all, thanks to all of you in our audiences who were brave enough to go on this wild adventure with us, and take a chance on the hope that a Shakespeare play you’d never heard of could be just as good as all those famous ones. We hope you weren’t disappointed (and from what we heard and saw, you weren’t…). We thank you from the bottom of our muddy, DEET-infused hearts, and can’t wait to perform for you next year.

And now, for many of us, new adventures await in the form of this summer’s NotaBle Acts Theatre Festival. We hope to see you again in a few weeks’ time.


Pericles sails for the FINAL TIME tonight!

Pericles will thwart the wayward seas for the last time tonight, and then we’ll all be waving him goodbye. If you’ve been putting off coming to see the show, tonight’s your LAST CHANCE! Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime theatre experience, filled with adventure, drama, romance, heavenly music, and the sights, sounds, and smells of beautiful Odell Park! We’ve had nothing but rave reviews so far, so come to Odell Park by 7:30 to join the hundreds of others who have been swept away byPericlesWEB230 our wild and thrilling adventure in the woods!

Show’s on for tonight!

Assuming the weather gods have done their worst for the day and the forecast does not change for tonight, conditions are looking fine, the lords of Tyre are not spotting any more storms from their lofty perch, and Pericles will Adventure again tonight! You might want to bring something to sit on damp ground, though, and shoes that can handle some mud are always a good idea for our shows.

Tonight’s our second last show, so don’t miss your chance to catch this amazing immersive adventure. We think you’ll love it just as much as our crowds have been our whole run!PericlesWEB137

Canada Day Tickets 2 for 1!

To celebrate Canada Day, we’re offering a special flash deal on tickets for The Adventures of Pericles, with all tickets 2 for 1 for our PericlesWEB132.jpgFriday, July 1st show only! So bring a friend (or 4, or 6) and save big on the show that keeps winning all kinds of accolades from delighted audiences. Sounds like something to dance about! The weather’s going to be great, and now you can spend that money on that extra corn dog downtown before wandering over to Odell Park!

2 for 1 deal will be applied on tickets sold at the door. Those who have already purchased tickets for tonight in advance will see the appropriate refund applied on arrival at the box office.