Weather Policies

Our Weather Policies and Procedures

Unto every Bard in the Barracks run, a little rain must fall… But hopefully the rain will not raineth every day…

Advance tickets purchased for rained-out performances can be used for subsequent shows or returned for refund (call or email us to arrange your refund:; 506 478-1288). If rain forces the cancellation of a performance already in progress, audience members can use their ticket stub for free admittance to a subsequent performance, or can opt for a ticket refund if the stoppage occurs prior to halfway through the show.

Every effort will be made to avoid cancelling shows. We cancel performances rarely, and only in case of sustained rain or threat of thunderstorms at show time. Barring torrential downpours that leave our playing area under water, rain earlier in the day will not cause show cancellations, but if the performance in question is in Odell Park, bring a blanket so you don’t have to sit on wet ground. The play will go ahead in case of intermittent light rain/drizzle, so audience members are encouraged to dress appropriately—bring a raincoat and hat (no umbrellas please as they obscure sight lines for other audience members).

Because we try to avoid cancellations, decisions on whether to proceed with the show will sometimes not be made until quite close to show time (around 7 PM). For updates on show status, please call us at 478-1288. Weather-related show updates will also be sent out via Twitter (follow us: @BardBarracks), Facebook, and posted on this website.

In the event of rainouts on the final weekend of the show, an additional performance may be added to the run on Monday, July 8. Check this site for updates. Better yet, come see the show early on to avoid final weekend rainout heartbreak!