Last Chance(s) to catch The Comedy of Errors!

Tonight (Thurs. June 29) is our final regular evening performance of The Comedy of Errors, and also your last chance to avail yourself of our Picaroons Bar in the Barracks, with a selection of Picaroons craft beers available to sample while you watch the show! Our final performance of the play is set for Sunday, July 2 at 2PM, but with a rainy forecast for the weekend, we suggest you don’t delay and come tonight if you can! (Also, our regular bleacher seating won’t be available on Sunday, so viewing will be better tonight). Audiences have absolutely been loving the show, so don’t miss out!

There’s a chance of rain again tonight too, but we are pretty determined to get tonight’s show in, even if it means delaying our start time until 8 or even 8:30 if need be so that showers can pass through. With a breezy show run time of 90 minutes, a late start will still not mean a late night. See you at the show, or else! (you don’t want to disappoint Antipholus, do you? He has a way of getting angry..)2

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