Final week for As You Like It and Julius Caesar, and Bard in the Barracks Silent Auction Fundraiser: take home a piece of Caesar!

It’s the final week of our 2022 season. Weather-permitting (!) there are ONLY THREE MORE PERFORMANCES each for As You Like It in Odell Park (Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, June 28, 30, and July 1) and Julius Caesar in downtown Fredericton (Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, June 29, July 2 and 3).

Audiences have been absolutely loving both plays (check out our Facebook page for a selection of comments and photos), so whether your taste runs to a hilarious romantic musical comedy set in the woods or a dark tragedy that unfolds right on our downtown streets (and online), or both, don’t miss your chance to catch these great shows!

If you’d like to help support Bard in the Barracks, we’re running a silent auction fundraiser that will allow you to take home some of the unique prop and costume pieces that we have created for our contemporary take on Julius Caesar, which is inspired by current politics and world events particularly (but not exclusively) south of the border. Our auction features campaign-style signs and merchandise for Caesar-Antony 2024 (spoiler alert: Caesar doesn’t make it to the finish line for this election, making these items even more collectible!). So if our production inspires you to Make Rome Great Again, you’ll find just what you want! And for veteran Bard fans of old, we’ve thrown in a couple of similar collectors’ items from our 2015 production of Romeo and Juliet, in which the warring families were on opposite sides of that year’s NB election campaign.

You can find our auction at

You need to create an account to bid, but from there the process is pretty simple. If yours is the winning bid, we’ll contact you to make arrangement for payment and delivery.

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