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Last Chance(s) to catch The Comedy of Errors!

Tonight (Thurs. June 29) is our final regular evening performance of The Comedy of Errors, and also your last chance to avail yourself of our Picaroons Bar in the Barracks, with a selection of Picaroons craft beers available to sample while you watch the show! Our final performance of the play is set for Sunday, July 2 at 2PM, but with a rainy forecast for the weekend, we suggest you don’t delay and come tonight if you can! (Also, our regular bleacher seating won’t be available on Sunday, so viewing will be better tonight). Audiences have absolutely been loving the show, so don’t miss out!

There’s a chance of rain again tonight too, but we are pretty determined to get tonight’s show in, even if it means delaying our start time until 8 or even 8:30 if need be so that showers can pass through. With a breezy show run time of 90 minutes, a late start will still not mean a late night. See you at the show, or else! (you don’t want to disappoint Antipholus, do you? He has a way of getting angry..)2

A Scene from The Comedy of Errors

Big thanks to our friend Chris Giles for putting this video together.  The Comedy of Errors runs until July 2. Learn more about the production here.

Picaroons Bar in the Barracks, June 27-29!

In partnership with our friends and sponsor Picaroons Traditional Ales, we will be hosting licensed performances of The Comedy of Errors on June 27th, 28th, and 29th (Tues.-Thurs.) in partnership with our friends and sponsor Picaroons Traditional Ales. Three shows only, so don’t miss it! Join us on these nights and you can enjoy a selection of Picaroons craft beers while watching the show!

Read all about them (our shows, that is)!

Bard in the Barracks’ productions of The Comedy of Errors in Barracks Square and Richard III in Odell Park are set to take over Fredericton in two short weeks! Ticket information and full details on the shows is now on our website (www.bardinthebarracks.com) so you can find out everything you need to know about Bard in the Barracks 2017!

Meet the Cast of Richard III!

cast photo

We’re not sure why they all look so happy, but these are the smiling, happy folks who will be performing Shakespeare’s distinctly dark and violent tragedy Richard III in Odell Park as part of Bard in the Barracks’ special Canada 150 twin-bill this year. Performances of Richard III will run June 25-July 9, with full performance and ticket details to be announced soon!

Company members pictured (standing L-R): Alex McAllister, Elizabeth Goodyear, Kira Chisholm, John Ball, Sharisse LeBrun, Jean-Michel Cliche (fight director), Melissa McMichael, Alex Rioux, Alex Fullerton, Robbie Lynn, Alex Pannier, Jack Ball, Dani Brun, Miguel Roy, Lucas Gutierrez-Robert, Aaron Ellis, Tilly Jackson, Lucas Tapley; (kneeling L-R): Telina Debly, Kat Hall, Amelia Hay; (missing: Lee Thomas).

Richard III: Cast list

Richard, Duke of York                                     Miguel Roy

George, Duke of Clarence                            Alex McAllister

King Edward IV                                             Alex Rioux

The Queen                                                      Melissa McMichael

Lord Rivers                                                          Jack Ball

Marquis Dorset                                                   Lucas Tapley

Edward, Prince of Wales                               Telina Debly

Richard, the young Duke of York                      Lee Thomas

Lady Anne                                                           Kira Chisholm

Queen Margaret                                              Elizabeth Goodyear

William Lord Hastings                                     Aaron Ellis

The Duke of Buckingham                              Robbie Lynn

Lord Stanley, Earl of Derby                           John Ball

The Earl of Richmond                                     Alex Pannier

Catesby                                                              Sharisse LeBrun

Sir Richard Ratcliffe                                         Alex Rioux

Sir Robert Brackenbury                                 Alex Fullerton

Executioner One                                              Kat Hall

Executioner Two                                              Lucas Gutierrez-Robert

Citizens                                                     Tilly Jackson, Amelia Hay, Alex Pannier

The Lord Mayor of London                          Jack Ball

The Bishop of Ely                                              Alex Fullerton

A Page in Richard’s court                              Amelia Hay

Tyrell                                                                     Dani Brun

Sir Christopher                                                  Aaron Ellis

Blunt                                                                     Amelia Hay

Duke of Norfolk                                                 Alex McAllister

with many other roles played by members of the company

Meet the cast of The Comedy of Errors!

cast photo

Meet the talented group of actors who will be bringing Shakespeare’s hilarious, multiple-identical-twin, mistaken-identity Comedy of Errors to Fredericton audiences this summer! Pictured above (standing, L-R): Scott Harris, John Ball, Elizabeth Goodyear, Amelia Hay, Aaron Ellis, Alex Pannier, Dillon Matchett, Alex Rioux, Tilly Jackson, Jack Ball, Telina Debly, Lee Thomas; (kneeling L-R): Kat Hall, Dani Brun, Lucas Gutierrez-Robert, Lucas Tapley.

The Comedy of Errors: Cast

Solinus, Duke of Ephesus                             Aaron Ellis

Egeon, a merchant of Syracuse                  John Ball

Antipholus of Ephesus                                   Dillon Matchett

Antipholus of Syracuse                                  Alex Pannier

Dromio of Ephesus                                          Lucas Gutierrez-Robert

Dromio of Syracuse                                         Dani Brun

Adriana, wife of Antipholus of Ephesus   Tilly Jackson

Luciana, her sister                                            Amelia Hay

First Merchant                                                  Scott Harris

Balthasar, a merchant                                    Kat Hall

Angelo, a goldsmith                                        Jack Ball

A Courtesan                                                       Kat Hall

Doctor Pinch, an exorcist                              Scott Harris

Second Merchant                                            Alex Rioux

Emilia, an Abbess at Ephesus                      Elizabeth Goodyear

Officers                                                               Lee Thomas, Telina Debly, Lucas Tapley

Auditions for Bard in the Barracks productions to take place April 21 & 23

Open auditions will be held for the Bard in the Barracks productions of William Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors and Richard III on April 21st and 23rd at Memorial Hall on the UNB campus. The plays will be performed outdoors (in Barracks Square and Odell Park respectively) and will collectively run from June 22-July 9. (While exact performance dates for each play are still to be determined, The Comedy of Errors is likely to conclude by July 3.) The plays will be directed by Len Falkenstein, and will be rehearsed intensively (mainly evening hours) beginning the week of April 23.

Roles are available for actors of a variety of ages. Auditions will take place from 7:00-9:30 PM on Friday, April 21st and from 1:30-4:00 PM on Sunday, April 23rd, with callbacks from 6:30-8:30 on Monday, April 24. Those auditioning are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the plays beforehand. Auditions will consist of readings from the plays. Prepared monologues may also be performed, but are not required.

To book an audition, please email lfalken@unb.ca, indicating your availability for the audition dates and any preference for date/time. Actors may be cast in one or both plays (if willing) at the discretion of the director, but may indicate a preference of play (if any) when booking their audition.

Anyone interested in auditioning who is unable to attend either of the audition dates, or anyone requesting further information, should contact the director at lfalken@unb.ca or 506 458-7406. Expressions of interest from persons who would like to assist with the productions in a musical or technical/crew capacity are also welcome.

Bard in the Barracks’ Twelfth Season to feature The Comedy of Errors and Richard III, June 22-July 9

Bard in the Barracks is going all out for Canada 150 this summer by mounting our most ambitious season ever! Twos (and threes) will be wild as we will be staging not one but TWO brand new productions of a pair of the Bard’s best-loved works. Together, the plays will span the days leading up to and following Canada Day, running from June 22nd to July 9th, in two different locations, and offering audiences a combination of two vastly different show experiences.

Fans of Shakespearean comedy will have their funny bones tickled by The Comedy of Errors, which will be performed in Barracks Square June 22-29. A high-spirited farce, the play depicts the chaos that results when two pairs of long-separated identical twins unknowingly find themselves in the same city, leading cases of mistaken identity to spiral out of control and threatening dangerous consequences.

Action will then shift to Odell Park for the dark historical tragedy of Richard III, set to run June 30-July 9. The story of the infamous monarch whose skill at treachery and murder propelled him briefly and uneasily to the English throne will be staged in our trademark promenade style, which sees the audience follow the action between different locations in the park. Dark dealings, murderous shrieks, and ghostly apparitions will fill the darkest corners of the forest as you witness the tale of a politician who uses brash charisma and underhanded tactics to overcome long odds and the handicaps of his personal repulsiveness to attain the highest office in the land. Not that anything like that has ever happened recently, right…?

It’s going to be an exciting summer! Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for full details regarding the shows, performance schedules, and ticket sales.

Open auditions for the plays will take place April 21 and 23, with details to be posted here in the next 48 hours.

For more information, email lfalken@unb.ca or phone 506 458-7406.

We’re making a big announcement on Thursday!

If you’ve been wondering what Bard in the Barracks has planned for 2017, we’ve got some exciting news to share with you. Join us live on Twitter at noon on Thursday, April 13, where we’ll be announcing our season and offering some lucky audience members a chance to win some tickets! (You can watch our website and Facebook pages for the news as well.) Spread the word!

“Thanks to all; all have done well.”

So says good King Simonides to the assembled knights after they tourney for the love of his daughter, Thaisa. And it is what we say as we bid adieu with a somewhat heavy heart to the wonderful experience that was Pericles. Over the last two weeks, Odell Park witnessed many wonders. Men, and skulls, fell from trees. Hot air balloons and airplanes came in for landings. A dead woman was brought back to life nightly. Three different ships set sail through the park. A full-fledged lumberjack contest ended in a raucous feast. We ran a working bar for audience members at a brothel (not working..) in the woods. The forest was filled with the sounds of Maritime jigs mingled with classical South Asian song, rousing sea shanties, and other strange sounds that must have made other park visitors and neighbors for blocks around equally puzzled and delighted.

Thanks to all who helped make the production possible, our sponsors Picaroons Traditional Ales, UNB, the City of Fredericton, Downtown Fredericton Inc., Valley Graphics, and the Daily Gleaner. Thanks also to the King Street Ale House and Tim Hortons.

Most of all, thanks to all of you in our audiences who were brave enough to go on this wild adventure with us, and take a chance on the hope that a Shakespeare play you’d never heard of could be just as good as all those famous ones. We hope you weren’t disappointed (and from what we heard and saw, you weren’t…). We thank you from the bottom of our muddy, DEET-infused hearts, and can’t wait to perform for you next year.

And now, for many of us, new adventures await in the form of this summer’s NotaBle Acts Theatre Festival. We hope to see you again in a few weeks’ time.


Pericles sails for the FINAL TIME tonight!

Pericles will thwart the wayward seas for the last time tonight, and then we’ll all be waving him goodbye. If you’ve been putting off coming to see the show, tonight’s your LAST CHANCE! Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime theatre experience, filled with adventure, drama, romance, heavenly music, and the sights, sounds, and smells of beautiful Odell Park! We’ve had nothing but rave reviews so far, so come to Odell Park by 7:30 to join the hundreds of others who have been swept away byPericlesWEB230 our wild and thrilling adventure in the woods!

Show’s on for tonight!

Assuming the weather gods have done their worst for the day and the forecast does not change for tonight, conditions are looking fine, the lords of Tyre are not spotting any more storms from their lofty perch, and Pericles will Adventure again tonight! You might want to bring something to sit on damp ground, though, and shoes that can handle some mud are always a good idea for our shows.

Tonight’s our second last show, so don’t miss your chance to catch this amazing immersive adventure. We think you’ll love it just as much as our crowds have been our whole run!PericlesWEB137

Canada Day Tickets 2 for 1!

To celebrate Canada Day, we’re offering a special flash deal on tickets for The Adventures of Pericles, with all tickets 2 for 1 for our PericlesWEB132.jpgFriday, July 1st show only! So bring a friend (or 4, or 6) and save big on the show that keeps winning all kinds of accolades from delighted audiences. Sounds like something to dance about! The weather’s going to be great, and now you can spend that money on that extra corn dog downtown before wandering over to Odell Park!

2 for 1 deal will be applied on tickets sold at the door. Those who have already purchased tickets for tonight in advance will see the appropriate refund applied on arrival at the box office.

Come one, come all! It’s a beautiful night for some Shakespeare!

After Wednesday night’s rainout, we’re down to just four performances left for The Adventures of Pericles. And with Canada Day being one of those and a possibly grim weather forecast for Saturday, you might want to join us tonight, on what promises to be a perfect night in the park, to catch the rare and wonderful treat that is Pericles. We have surprises and twists for you a-plenty … we guarantee that it’s quite unlike any Shakespeare you’ve seen before, especially with so many of our scenes built around some of the most stunning spots in Odell Park. See you at the show!PericlesWEB185

Our Adventures Continue All This Week!

We’re back with performances of Pericles in Odell Park Tuesday through Sunday this week, 7:30 PM (but arrive by 7:15). The show has been earning rave reviews from audiences, the staging in beautiful Odell Park is spectacular, and even the mosquitoes aren’t biting nearly as much as usual this year.. The weather looks clear for tonight, but tomorrow’s forecast appears less favorable, so don’t delay–especially since rain tomorrow could mean tonight will be your last chance to enjoy a cold Picaroons while watching the show at our brothel in the park. Yes, you read that correctly…! See you at Pericles!PericlesWEB188

No Show Monday, so Join Us Tonight!

We’ll be taking the day off on Monday, so take advantage of tonight’s perfect weather forecast (probability of precipitation: 0%) to come see what many audience members are telling us is our best show yet! Zero percent is about as sure a thing as you can get with outdoor theatre. With chances of rain in the forecast for our post-Monday shows (Tuesday through Sunday, July 3) are you sure you want to wait to tempt fate and the weather gods? And remember that you can quench your thirst on this hot day with a cold, delicious Picaroons (or a few) at our Bar in the Park from intermission on! What could be better? Some come join the party!PericlesWEB132

Picaroons in the Park: Licensed Performances of Pericles June 24-29

In partnership witbarh our friends and major sponsor Picaroons Traditional Ales, we will be hosting licensed performances of The Adventures of Pericles tonight, June 24th (our Gala Opening performance), 25th, 26th, 28th, and 29th. Five shows only, so don’t miss it! Join us on these nights and you can enjoy a Picaroons beer, including their delicious new 506 Logger, at our bar at Ye Olde Knocking Shoppe in Mytilene, while watching the show!

Watch the trailer for The Adventures of Pericles!

Check out our trailer for Pericles, crafted by the masterful Chris Giles, to see just a small sample of what you’re in for on this wild adventure!

Our Big Adventure Starts Wednesday!

For those on a budget, we are offering two discounted preview performances Wednesday, June 22 and Thursday, June 23 to kick off our run of The Adventures of Pericles! Tickets for these shows are only $14 adult,$12 senior & underwaged, and $8 for students, a big saving on regular performances.

Be the first to come see Pericles’ wild adventures in beautiful Odell Park! Get your tickets on our website or at the door.PericlesWEB032

2nd Port of Call to Win Tickets to Pericles!

The second Port of Call in our #bardshipselfie contest comes courtesy of Joy of Framing on Queen Street. Stop by to visit Kyle and Andy Friday June 17 or Saturday June 18JoyofFraming, snap your picture with our ship, and post it as a #bardshipselfie. Tag us/share it with us on Twitter @BardBarracks, Facebook @BardInTheBarracks, or Instagram @BardInTheBarracks for a chance to win a pair of tickets to The Adventures of Pericles. There’ll be two draws, one June 23rd and one July 1. One entry is allowed per person for each port of call. No cash value. Winners will be notified via their social media accounts.

Enter our Ship Selfie Contest and win tickets!

That ship that’s been popping up in photos with our cast members in appearances all around town is taking to the streets of Fredericton this week and next, giving you a chance to win a pair of tickets to The Adventures of Pericles! Spot the ship, take a #bardshipselfie with it, and tag us/share it with us on Twitter @BardBarracks, Facebook @BardInTheBarracks, or Instagram @BardInTheBarracks for a chance to win. There’ll be two draws, one June 23rd and one July 1. One entry is allowed per person for each port of call. No cash value. Winners will be notified via their social media accounts.

Our first port of call comes thanks corkedto Charlotte @corkedfred. Stop by and take your own #bardshipselfie until Wednesday!

Advance Tickets for The Adventures of Pericles Now On Sale!

Just click the handy button on our website or Facebook page and follow the instructions to purchase tickets online! Find your answers to any questions you may have about the show under “Show Details” on the website. Questions? Email us at nbacts@unb.ca, or call 506 458-7406.

Meet Thaisa, wife of Pericles

Melissa McMichael is very excited to be playing the role of Thaisa in this summer’s Bard in the Barracks’ production of The Adventures of Pericles. Bold, and maybe a little impulsive, Thaisa knows exactly what she wants and knows exactly how to get it. She is well educated in the ways of dancing and writing strongly worded letters; which is exactly how she wins Pericles’ hand in marriage (and definitely not the other way around). Though Thaisa wears her heart on her sleeve she can remain in control of the situation, even when misfortune strikes. Who said that marriage and parenthood was supposed to be smooth sailing?melissa

Limited time offer: Adventures of Pericles T-Shirts!

Hey, Bard fans! HT-shirt-2016-V2-black-shirtow’d you like a spiffy black t-shirt from our wonderful sponsors Valley Graphics featuring our fabulous Pericles design by Drew Kennickell on it? Email us at nbacts@unb.ca by Friday, June 10 with your name, size and # of shirts you’d like, and we’ll be sure to order one for you! Shirts are priced at $18. We’ll also have a few for sale at the show, but this way you can be sure to get one!