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Final Performances: Richard III in Odell Park

2017 Richard III 066-XL

Our production of Richard III in Odell Park has been getting a phenomenal response from Fredericton audiences, thrilling a capacity crowd last night! Only four performances remain, tonight through Sunday, July 9 at 7:30 (but arrive by 7:15). The weather is going to be great tonight, but with chances of rain in the forecast for Friday and Saturday, you might not want to wait to come take in this exciting immersive production of Shakespeare’s famous dark tragedy. In the meantime, check out some great photos of the show by Michael Holmes-Lauder. Above: Kira Chisholm as Lady Anne and Miguel Roy as Richard. Below: Robbie Lynn as the Duke of Buckingham, Miguel Roy as Richard, and Sharisse LeBrun as Catesby (background), with Telina Debly as Prince Edward and Lee Thomas as Richard, Duke of York (foreground).

2017 Richard III 158-XL


Twinbill Shakespeare Sunday, July 2!

Comedy 2

We’re taking Canada Day off, but will be back with BOTH of our productions July 2 as part of our second Twinbill Shakespeare Sunday! At 2 PM in Barracks Square it’s your LAST CHANCE to catch the hilarious comedy of The Comedy of Errors, which has been a huge hit with our audiences. Please bring a lawnchair or blanket to sit on, as our regular bleacher seating has been commandeered by Canada Day activities. Then at 7:30 PM head over to Odell Park to experience the immersive nighttime forest adventure of Shakespeare’s dark tragedy, Richard III.

And remember that if you attend both our shows this year, your second play is HALF-PRICE with your ticket stub from the first show! Enjoy Canada Day, see you tomorrow, and let’s all think sunny thoughts in the meantime!

Richard 1

Last Chance(s) to catch The Comedy of Errors!

Tonight (Thurs. June 29) is our final regular evening performance of The Comedy of Errors, and also your last chance to avail yourself of our Picaroons Bar in the Barracks, with a selection of Picaroons craft beers available to sample while you watch the show! Our final performance of the play is set for Sunday, July 2 at 2PM, but with a rainy forecast for the weekend, we suggest you don’t delay and come tonight if you can! (Also, our regular bleacher seating won’t be available on Sunday, so viewing will be better tonight). Audiences have absolutely been loving the show, so don’t miss out!

There’s a chance of rain again tonight too, but we are pretty determined to get tonight’s show in, even if it means delaying our start time until 8 or even 8:30 if need be so that showers can pass through. With a breezy show run time of 90 minutes, a late start will still not mean a late night. See you at the show, or else! (you don’t want to disappoint Antipholus, do you? He has a way of getting angry..)2

A Scene from The Comedy of Errors

Big thanks to our friend Chris Giles for putting this video together.  The Comedy of Errors runs until July 2. Learn more about the production here.

Picaroons Bar in the Barracks, June 27-29!

In partnership with our friends and sponsor Picaroons Traditional Ales, we will be hosting licensed performances of The Comedy of Errors on June 27th, 28th, and 29th (Tues.-Thurs.) in partnership with our friends and sponsor Picaroons Traditional Ales. Three shows only, so don’t miss it! Join us on these nights and you can enjoy a selection of Picaroons craft beers while watching the show!

Read all about them (our shows, that is)!

Bard in the Barracks’ productions of The Comedy of Errors in Barracks Square and Richard III in Odell Park are set to take over Fredericton in two short weeks! Ticket information and full details on the shows is now on our website (www.bardinthebarracks.com) so you can find out everything you need to know about Bard in the Barracks 2017!

Meet the Cast of Richard III!

cast photo

We’re not sure why they all look so happy, but these are the smiling, happy folks who will be performing Shakespeare’s distinctly dark and violent tragedy Richard III in Odell Park as part of Bard in the Barracks’ special Canada 150 twin-bill this year. Performances of Richard III will run June 25-July 9, with full performance and ticket details to be announced soon!

Company members pictured (standing L-R): Alex McAllister, Elizabeth Goodyear, Kira Chisholm, John Ball, Sharisse LeBrun, Jean-Michel Cliche (fight director), Melissa McMichael, Alex Rioux, Alex Fullerton, Robbie Lynn, Alex Pannier, Jack Ball, Dani Brun, Miguel Roy, Lucas Gutierrez-Robert, Aaron Ellis, Tilly Jackson, Lucas Tapley; (kneeling L-R): Telina Debly, Kat Hall, Amelia Hay; (missing: Lee Thomas).

Richard III: Cast list

Richard, Duke of York                                     Miguel Roy

George, Duke of Clarence                            Alex McAllister

King Edward IV                                             Alex Rioux

The Queen                                                      Melissa McMichael

Lord Rivers                                                          Jack Ball

Marquis Dorset                                                   Lucas Tapley

Edward, Prince of Wales                               Telina Debly

Richard, the young Duke of York                      Lee Thomas

Lady Anne                                                           Kira Chisholm

Queen Margaret                                              Elizabeth Goodyear

William Lord Hastings                                     Aaron Ellis

The Duke of Buckingham                              Robbie Lynn

Lord Stanley, Earl of Derby                           John Ball

The Earl of Richmond                                     Alex Pannier

Catesby                                                              Sharisse LeBrun

Sir Richard Ratcliffe                                         Alex Rioux

Sir Robert Brackenbury                                 Alex Fullerton

Executioner One                                              Kat Hall

Executioner Two                                              Lucas Gutierrez-Robert

Citizens                                                     Tilly Jackson, Amelia Hay, Alex Pannier

The Lord Mayor of London                          Jack Ball

The Bishop of Ely                                              Alex Fullerton

A Page in Richard’s court                              Amelia Hay

Tyrell                                                                     Dani Brun

Sir Christopher                                                  Aaron Ellis

Blunt                                                                     Amelia Hay

Duke of Norfolk                                                 Alex McAllister

with many other roles played by members of the company