Cana-day Off for The Tempest

Our cast and crew are taking a day off for Canada Day, but will be back with performances of The Tempest in Odell Park every night from Tuesday, July 2 through Sunday, July 7 at 7:30 nightly.

Last night over 70 diehard Bardfans showed up in the rain for what turned out to be our best show yet! And thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Lessons to be taken from this: 1) don’t let a little rain stop you from seeing the show, because it won’t stop us! (A lot of rain, however, is a different story). 2) Don’t wait for a night with perfect weather to see the show, because this year, who knows if that will happen? 3) We expect The Tempest will be a hot ticket this week!

Remember that you can get advance tickets at Westminster Books, that you can use your ticket stub for dining deals at Brewbakers and Cedar Tree Cafe, and that you can save money on tickets by coming as a group of 5 or more. See links elsewhere on this page for details.

And if you haven’t watched it yet, view our trailer by Chris Giles (scroll down to link) to see what you’re in for when you come to the show. Don’t miss it!

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