"Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall"


Meet Cerimon!

Jesse LaPointe couldn’t be happier to be back with Bard in the Barracks for his fourth year as part of The Adventures of Pericles. Coming off performances as Laertes in Hamlet and Romeo in RomJesseeo and Juliet, Jesse is excited to share a lesser-known play with audiences who are eager to be taken on a true adventure. Jesse will be taking on several roles in the production this year and is happy to be stretching his acting muscles with plenty of interesting characters. Among them, he will be playing the part of Cerimon, a charitable physician with eccentric tastes who is at the centre of one of the play’s most exciting and pivotal scenes, one of the most breathtaking (literally…) moments in all of Shakespeare’s plays.

Meet Marina, daughter of Pericles

Alexa Higgins is thrilled to be playing the role of Marina in Bard in the Barracks’ upcoming show, The Adventures of Pericles. Separated from her mother Thaisa and her alexafather Pericles in a terrible storm, Marina, on whom the second half of the play centres, grows up a virtual orphan, buffeted around the world by the winds of change, and the occasional pirate. We watch Marina get tossed headlong into one dangerous situation after another, but with a unique determination to see the good in everyone, a lot of faith, and some very smooth talking, she navigates the choppy waters on her own.  Alexa is honoured to be playing such a fascinating character, and to work with such a fine Fredericton company this summer!

Meet Pericles: Jean-Michel Cliche

Jean-Michel Cliche is thrilled and honoured to be playing Pericles in this summer’s Bard in the Barracks production. As one of Shakespeare’s lesser known heroes, he sees this as a unique opportunity toJean Michel 2 bring this character to new audiences. “Pericles is unlike what folks have come to expect in a Shakespearean protagonist. He doesn’t plot. He doesn’t brood. He’s excited by the world and hungry to explore it. He’s an adventurer, which turns the typical political drama into a fantastical journey (more ‘Hobbit’ than Hamlet). The adventure itself is massive and powerful, acting almost like the antagonist to the story. Characters are constantly at the mercy of the elements or misfortune, like a ship at sea being buffeted by the waves. Luckily, we have an amazingly talented cast and crew to navigate our vessel through these harsh waters and explore the amazing world of ‘The Adventures of Pericles.’ We are very excited to share this wonderful journey with audiences this summer.”

Meet the Company: The Adventures of Pericles

The group of actors and musicians who will be bringing our production of The Adventures of Pericles to life for Fredericton audiences from June 22-July 3 assembled for the first time last night. A reading of the play was followed by lively discussion of the unique staging and approach we’ll be taking to the play. Suffice to say we’ve got some pretty thrilling and magical tricks up our sleeve for this wonderfully wild and rarely seen classic adventure story! Stay tuned for further updates!

This year’s company features a mix of Bard veterans and many new faces. Look for them around town, maybe wiread throughth a sailing ship in tow..

L-R: Alexa Higgins, Dillon Matchett, Kyle Cameron, Alex Donovan, Barry McCluskey, Jean-Michel Cliche, Kelsey Hines, Alex Rioux, Tilly Jackson, Amelia Hay, Rebekah Chassé, John Ball. Kneeling: Ian Goff, Novera Choudhury. Missing: Jesse LaPointe, Elizabeth Goodyear, Melissa McMichael, Lucas Gutierrez-Robert.

Auditions for Bard in the Barracks: The Adventures of Pericles, Apr. 28 & May 1

promo 8Open auditions will be held for the Bard in the Barracks production of William Shakespeare’s Pericles on April 28 and May 1 at Memorial Hall on the UNB campus.

The Adventures of Pericles, the eleventh annual production of Bard in the Barracks, will be performed outdoors (previous Bard productions have taken place in Odell Park and Barracks Square, downtown Fredericton). The play will run June 22-July 3 and will be directed by Len Falkenstein. The production will be rehearsed intensively (mainly evening hours) beginning the week of May 8.

Auditions are open to the public and roles are available for male and female actors of a variety of ages. Auditions will take place from 7:30-10:00 PM Thursday, April 28 and Sunday, May 1, with callbacks from 7:30-10:00 on Tuesday, May 3. Those auditioning are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with the play beforehand. Auditions will consist of readings from the play. Prepared monologues may also be performed, but are not required. Appointments are not necessary, but those attending should arrive by early in the evening and be prepared to be on hand for most of the evening, depending on turnout. Training in any of music, dance, or athletics would be considered an asset for the production.

Anyone interested in auditioning who is unable to attend on either the 28th or 1st, or anyone requesting further information, should contact the director at lfalken@unb.ca or 458-7406. Expressions of interest from persons who would like to assist with the technical demands of the production (stage management, wardrobe, set, publicity) are also welcome.

Ready to Go On a Big Adventure?

ProofPericlesGleaner-01Announcing The Adventures of Pericles

Bard in the Barracks is excited to announce that our production for summer 2016 will be The Adventures of Pericles. Haven’t heard of Pericles? Well, after this summer, it just may become one of your favorite Shakespeare plays!

Pericles is a swashbuckling tale of travel, romance, and magic,
bursting with drama, comedy, and adventure. The play centres on the title character, Prince of the ancient Mediterranean kingdom of Tyre, who, much in the fashion of the Greek hero Odysseus, travels by sea to a number of exotic foreign lands, encountering both triumphs and heartbreak along the way.

Pericles cheats death multiple times, rescues a destitute kingdom, wins the hand of a beautiful princess, and then loses all through a series of calamities that test him severely. Along the way to its ultimately joyous resolution, the play is filled with a cast of colorful characters that include fearsome assassins, treacherous rulers, sorcerers, pirates, goddesses, and the comically low-life denizens of a depraved red light district.

Pending official approval from Fredericton City Council, The Adventures of Pericles will be performed in Odell Park from June 22nd through July 3rd, 2016. As with past Bard in the Barracks productions, you, the audience, will be part of the play, immersed in the action and travelling throughout the park on the tempest-tossed journeys of Pericles, experiencing firsthand the play’s many wild delights: from sea battles to shipwrecks, jousting tournaments to dark and unholy rites. Music will be a big part of the show, with a thrilling live score created by the company a vital part of the storytelling, along with puppetry and other innovative theatrical 2014HamletRehearsal165touches.  As always, our forest setting will play an intricate part in the drama, with many scenes set around areas of the park that have been stunningly altered by post-Tropical Storm Arthur.

It’s going to be quite a wild ride, and you won’t want to miss it! Keep watching our website throughout the spring for further updates on the play, and plans for our auditions (happening in early May).

Coming Soon… a Big Announcement!

Tomorrow, Thursday March 17, we will be announcing our plans for summer 2016 via a livestream on Twitter at noon, with full details appearing here on our site immediately thereafter. So follow us @BardBarracks and join us then … you might even win some tickets to whatever great stuff we’ve got up our sleeves… What’s it going to be? Any guesses? We’ll talk soon….!

“-the rest is silence.”


Michael Holmes-Lauder — ambient photography

This is it!
Whether you haven’t seen it yet, or you’re one of our ardent fans, tonight is literally your last chance to see this innovative and well-cultivated show. It wouldn’t be a lie to say that we’ve spent over a year perfecting this performance. It comes highly reccomended.

There is a slight chance or rain this afternoon, but that just means it won’t be as humid, tonight looks clear and warm!

And with our past week of performances showing record crowds, you’ll want to get there early.

You won’t regret it.


“…he’s loved of the distracted multitude…”

2014HamletRehearsal56We had another huge audience in Odell park last night, and they absolutely loved the show!

You only have TWO MORE CHANCES to see this groundbreaking piece of live theatre, and there’s a chance of rain tomorrow.


Hamlet’s Last Stand

After last night’s record (for Barracks Square) crowd for our final performance of Romeo and Juliet, our troops are shifting sites to Odell Park for our final three performances of Hamlet, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Show time is 7:30, but be there by 7:15 to not miss any of the action! The weather is looking good for Friday and Saturday, at least, so don’t wait to come see us! Besides, with two different versions of the play unfolding simultaneously each night, you might want to come twice! Our production of Hamlet has drawn wide acclaim both last year and this year for its excellent performances, unique concept, and innovative staging in beautiful Odell Park. Among many stunning scenes, there is one in particular that many have commented on as one of the most amazing theatrical moments they have seen anywhere, any time. Come see why…

Click above to view New Brunswick Film Co-op member Chris Giles’ trailer for a taste of what you’ll see in the park, or read Greg Everett’s review of the play at https://stureviews.wordpress.com/

Last Call!

R&J-Gallery005Tonight is your final chance to see this pair of star-crossed lovers in action.
The forecast promises perfect conditions for tonight’s performance, so don’t miss out!

And don’t forget about Hamlet in Odell Park, running Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

Cana-day Off–Back in Action Thursday

We’re taking a break for Canada Day before returning on Thursday for our final performance of Romeo and Juliet in Barracks Square. Last night saw a standing ovation from a capacity crowd–don’t miss your last chance to catch a show that’s been drawing such great response.

After Thursday, we’ll be concluding our run for this year with three final performances of Hamlet in Odell Park on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. These will be your last chances to catch a show that has wowed spectators both last year and this year with its spectacular staging and excellent performances. As of right now, the weather’s looking good for our remaining shows, but this being NB, you never know, so don’t put off seeing us too long!

Enjoy your holiday, everyone!

Don’t let those clouds fool you!

R&J-Gallery003The forecast tonight looks good, despite those big clouds rolling across the sky! You’ve only got two chances to see Romeo & Juliet left, and there’s a chance it could rain on Thursday. Besides, what better way to start a national holiday than to watch a story about true love prevailing over all odds…

Back in Action with Romeo and Juliet!

R&J-publicity068After Sunday night’s rainout, the skies are clearing and it looks like it’ll be fine weather tonight for Romeo and Juliet in Barracks Square. The star-crossed lovers have not been so lucky with the weather gods so far, with 3 of our 5 performances having been rained out. There are only 3 remaining–tonight, Tuesday, and Thursday. So don’t delay… with the weather in these parts being what it is, if you put off coming to see us to another day, you might not see us!

That goes for Hamlet in Odell Park too, which will conclude our run with performances Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Both shows have been getting an amazing response so far! Check out our reviews at https://stureviews.wordpress.com/ and watch the trailers you can link to from this page for a taste of what you’ll see in the Square and in the Park, and see you at the shows!

“The heavens do low’r upon us for some ill”

R&J-Gallery013Though it’s not currently raining, it does threaten to later. We’re going to cancel tonight’s performance, enjoy your Sunday evening!

And don’t worry, Monday night’s forecast looks favourable, so make tomorrow the night to take in this wonderful bit of theatre, in the heart of downtown Fredericton.

“There is a play to-night before the King”

To attend, or not to attend, that is the question - whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the stings and blood loss of outrageous mosquitoes, or to take up DEET in a sea of black flies, and by opposing, enjoy the show?We’re back in full force in Odell Park tonight for another performance of Hamlet!
Don’t let those grey skies dissuade you from taking in some critically acclaimed, outdoor, immersive theatre. Remember, those trees act like giant umbrellas!

Back in Action Friday

We’re taking a day off on Thursday to rest our vocal cords and let the park dry out from Tuesday’s rain. We’ll be back with performances of Hamlet in Odell Park on Friday and Saturday and Romeo and Juliet in Barracks Square on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday before concluding our run with three more showings of Hamlet July 3, 4, and 5. We’ve had a great response to our shows so far, with last night’s crowd at Romeo and Juliet particularly large, so we encourage you to get out to both while the weather is looking good and before we lose some of our prime seating for R & J on Tuesday!

And it’s not just us saying the shows are great… The reviews are in and you can read STU Reviews’ take on Romeo and Juliet (and Hamlet too) at

See you at Odell Park on Friday!

What an unkind hour is guilty of this lamentable chance!

It seems all this rain has left our playing area full of damp grass, soggy set pieces, and water.
Tonight’s performance has been cancellèd!

Betake thyself to see the show tomorrow night.

Want to know who you’ll be watching tonight?


Check out our cast and crew bios!



Michael Holmes-Lauder – ambient photography

We may have been washed out for our preview last night, but tonight promises to be considerably drier.

Come to see the art we’ve been crafting for you, and enjoy a cool drink from Picaroons’ Bar in the Barracks. And please stay around after tonight’s show for our Gala Opening night reception, to mingle with the (revived) Romeo and Juliet, and all their friends and enemies!

Cancelled on account of excessive amounts of rain.


A Sunday full of rain means that no one wants to sit in the soggy grass while we go through our preview performance of Romeo and Juliet. You’ll just have to wait until tomorrow’s opening night gala, when it’ll be so pleasant in Downtown Fredericton, that you’ll have to quench your thirst with a cool draught beer from Picaroons’ Bar in the Barracks.

Watch the trailer for Romeo and Juliet!

Time for a dress rehearsal!


It feels good to be back in Odell for another stab at this show.


Check out our beautiful show!