Ready to Go On a Big Adventure?

ProofPericlesGleaner-01Announcing The Adventures of Pericles

Bard in the Barracks is excited to announce that our production for summer 2016 will be The Adventures of Pericles. Haven’t heard of Pericles? Well, after this summer, it just may become one of your favorite Shakespeare plays!

Pericles is a swashbuckling tale of travel, romance, and magic,
bursting with drama, comedy, and adventure. The play centres on the title character, Prince of the ancient Mediterranean kingdom of Tyre, who, much in the fashion of the Greek hero Odysseus, travels by sea to a number of exotic foreign lands, encountering both triumphs and heartbreak along the way.

Pericles cheats death multiple times, rescues a destitute kingdom, wins the hand of a beautiful princess, and then loses all through a series of calamities that test him severely. Along the way to its ultimately joyous resolution, the play is filled with a cast of colorful characters that include fearsome assassins, treacherous rulers, sorcerers, pirates, goddesses, and the comically low-life denizens of a depraved red light district.

Pending official approval from Fredericton City Council, The Adventures of Pericles will be performed in Odell Park from June 22nd through July 3rd, 2016. As with past Bard in the Barracks productions, you, the audience, will be part of the play, immersed in the action and travelling throughout the park on the tempest-tossed journeys of Pericles, experiencing firsthand the play’s many wild delights: from sea battles to shipwrecks, jousting tournaments to dark and unholy rites. Music will be a big part of the show, with a thrilling live score created by the company a vital part of the storytelling, along with puppetry and other innovative theatrical 2014HamletRehearsal165touches.  As always, our forest setting will play an intricate part in the drama, with many scenes set around areas of the park that have been stunningly altered by post-Tropical Storm Arthur.

It’s going to be quite a wild ride, and you won’t want to miss it! Keep watching our website throughout the spring for further updates on the play, and plans for our auditions (happening in early May).

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