Meet Pericles: Jean-Michel Cliche

Jean-Michel Cliche is thrilled and honoured to be playing Pericles in this summer’s Bard in the Barracks production. As one of Shakespeare’s lesser known heroes, he sees this as a unique opportunity toJean Michel 2 bring this character to new audiences. “Pericles is unlike what folks have come to expect in a Shakespearean protagonist. He doesn’t plot. He doesn’t brood. He’s excited by the world and hungry to explore it. He’s an adventurer, which turns the typical political drama into a fantastical journey (more ‘Hobbit’ than Hamlet). The adventure itself is massive and powerful, acting almost like the antagonist to the story. Characters are constantly at the mercy of the elements or misfortune, like a ship at sea being buffeted by the waves. Luckily, we have an amazingly talented cast and crew to navigate our vessel through these harsh waters and explore the amazing world of ‘The Adventures of Pericles.’ We are very excited to share this wonderful journey with audiences this summer.”

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