Meet the Company: The Adventures of Pericles

The group of actors and musicians who will be bringing our production of The Adventures of Pericles to life for Fredericton audiences from June 22-July 3 assembled for the first time last night. A reading of the play was followed by lively discussion of the unique staging and approach we’ll be taking to the play. Suffice to say we’ve got some pretty thrilling and magical tricks up our sleeve for this wonderfully wild and rarely seen classic adventure story! Stay tuned for further updates!

This year’s company features a mix of Bard veterans and many new faces. Look for them around town, maybe wiread throughth a sailing ship in tow..

L-R: Alexa Higgins, Dillon Matchett, Kyle Cameron, Alex Donovan, Barry McCluskey, Jean-Michel Cliche, Kelsey Hines, Alex Rioux, Tilly Jackson, Amelia Hay, Rebekah Chassé, John Ball. Kneeling: Ian Goff, Novera Choudhury. Missing: Jesse LaPointe, Elizabeth Goodyear, Melissa McMichael, Lucas Gutierrez-Robert.

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