Last Call!

Tonight is your final chance to see this pair of star-crossed lovers in action. The forecast promises perfect conditions for tonight’s performance, so don’t miss out! And don’t forget about Hamlet in Odell Park, running Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

Cana-day Off–Back in Action Thursday

We’re taking a break for Canada Day before returning on Thursday for our final performance of Romeo and Juliet in Barracks Square. Last night saw a standing ovation from a capacity crowd–don’t miss your last chance to catch a show that’s been drawing such great response. After Thursday, we’ll be concluding our run for this…

Don’t let those clouds fool you!

The forecast tonight looks good, despite those big clouds rolling across the sky! You’ve only got two chances to see Romeo & Juliet left, and there’s a chance it could rain on Thursday. Besides, what better way to start a national holiday than to watch a story about true love prevailing over all odds…

Back in Action with Romeo and Juliet!

After Sunday night’s rainout, the skies are clearing and it looks like it’ll be fine weather tonight for Romeo and Juliet in Barracks Square. The star-crossed lovers have not been so lucky with the weather gods so far, with 3 of our 5 performances having been rained out. There are only 3 remaining–tonight, Tuesday, and Thursday….

“The heavens do low’r upon us for some ill”

Though it’s not currently raining, it does threaten to later. We’re going to cancel tonight’s performance, enjoy your Sunday evening! And don’t worry, Monday night’s forecast looks favourable, so make tomorrow the night to take in this wonderful bit of theatre, in the heart of downtown Fredericton.

“There is a play to-night before the King”

We’re back in full force in Odell Park tonight for another performance of Hamlet! Don’t let those grey skies dissuade you from taking in some critically acclaimed, outdoor, immersive theatre. Remember, those trees act like giant umbrellas!

Back in Action Friday

We’re taking a day off on Thursday to rest our vocal cords and let the park dry out from Tuesday’s rain. We’ll be back with performances of Hamlet in Odell Park on Friday and Saturday and Romeo and Juliet in Barracks Square on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday before concluding our run with three more…


We may have been washed out for our preview last night, but tonight promises to be considerably drier. Come to see the art we’ve been crafting for you, and enjoy a cool drink from Picaroons’ Bar in the Barracks. And please stay around after tonight’s show for our Gala Opening night reception, to mingle with the (revived) Romeo…