Back in Action Friday

We’re taking a day off on Thursday to rest our vocal cords and let the park dry out from Tuesday’s rain. We’ll be back with performances of Hamlet in Odell Park on Friday and Saturday and Romeo and Juliet in Barracks Square on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday before concluding our run with three more showings of Hamlet July 3, 4, and 5. We’ve had a great response to our shows so far, with last night’s crowd at Romeo and Juliet particularly large, so we encourage you to get out to both while the weather is looking good and before we lose some of our prime seating for R & J on Tuesday!

And it’s not just us saying the shows are great… The reviews are in and you can read STU Reviews’ take on Romeo and Juliet (and Hamlet too) at

See you at Odell Park on Friday!

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