Announcing Bard in the Barracks’ 2015 Season
Two Shows! Two Locations!Celebrating 10 years and putting the Bard back in the Barracks!

Romeo and Juliet in Barracks Square

and Hamlet in Odell Park


2011Lear19That’s right! The tenth annual season of Bard in the Barracks will be our biggest and most ambitious yet. For the first time ever, we will be staging two productions that will run in repertory from June 19 through July 5, 2015, with performances alternating between plays and locations from night to night.

 In a nod to our company’s early, formative years, Bard will return to Barracks Square to perform an all-new production of Romeo and Juliet. Staged in partnership with Fredericton Tourism and the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, Romeo and Juliet will be our first play performed in the Barracks since 2008. The production will bring the heart of Fredericton’s downtown to life with the pathos and drama of this perennial favorite, in an interpretation that will delight with more than a few local touches.

2014HamletRehearsal98 Meanwhile, Odell Park will witness the return of 2014’s Hamlet in Odell Park. Our gypsy-inspired take on Shakespeare’s best-known play, set in a community of itinerant travelers, was a hit with
audiences last year and was on its way to becoming our best attended show ever until post-Tropical Storm Arthur ended our run prematurely, leaving many disappointed. If you were one of them, or if you saw it once and wanted to see it again, we heard you and we’re back! Hamlet drew special praise for its innovative split-stream staging, which saw audiences divided into two different groups, each of which experienced a different version of Hamlet  unfolding simultaneously. This year’s remount will reunite all of the lead actors of the 2014 production, including Jake Martin as Hamlet, Sharisse LeBrun as Ophelia, Michael Holmes-Lauder as Claudius, Rebekah Chassé as Gertrude, and John Ball as Polonius, with some new faces.

 Keep watching this space for more information on show dates and details and on tickets, including a specially priced two-play ticket package—because you’re going to want to see both these plays, aren’t you?

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