Announcing… The Tempest!

Yes, it’s official. Bard in the Barracks will present Shakespeare’s The Tempest as our production for summer 2013. Run dates are tentatively set for June 26-July 7. We hope to once again perform in Odell Park, but must receive formal approval from City Council before we can confirm that for sure.

The Tempest is one of Shakespeare’s most popular and most frequently staged plays, brimming with adventure, intrigue, romance, and comedy. The play’s central character is Prospero, a sorcerer and Duke who has been banished to an enchanted desert isle where he raises his young daughter, Miranda, with the help of his trusty spirit, Ariel. When his enemies take a voyage that brings them near the island, Prospero raises a storm that shipwrecks them and brings him face to face with them. He must then decide whether revenge or forgiveness is the best route to take with his foes.

The Tempest is filled with music, magic, and some of Shakespeare’s greatest speeches, and we believe it will be spectacular in the wild and beautiful setting of Odell Park.

Keep watching this site and follow us on Twitter (@BardBarracks) to keep up to date on show details. Open auditions will take place early in May.

Congratulations to Misha K. Nowicki who was quick off the buzzer yesterday to identify “We are such stuff/As dreams are made on” as one of those famous lines from The Tempest. Misha wins two tickets to the play!

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