Theatre UNB Presents Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale 3-6 April.

Bard-fans, unite!
Theatre UNB presents a story of jealousy, betrayal, and reconciliation with its final production of 2012-13, William Shakespeare’s tragicomic romance The Winter’s Tale. Performances will be held in Memorial Hall on the University of New Brunswick campus, nightly at 8 pm from Wednesday, April 3, to Saturday, April 6.

When Leontes, the king of Sicilia, impulsively accuses Queen Hermione of adultery, he alienates those closest to him. Loyal friends and family members are cast aside, and a newborn’s life hangs in the balance. Sixteen years later, however, hope appears for the mending of old wounds in the blooming love between a Bohemian prince and a shepherdess whose destiny is greater than either could imagine. As the young lovers stumble into a family history lost in time, the stage is set for one of Shakespeare’s most surprising and moving dénouements.
The Winter’s Tale offers a unique blend of tragedy and comedy, lively characters (including the roguish pickpocket and singer Autolycus), and Shakespeare’s most notorious stage direction (“Exit pursued by a bear”). Directed by John Ball, designed by Mike Johnston, and performed by a cast of 15 drama students, Theatre UNB’s production features original music and Edwardian period costumes, all on a specially designed thrust stage that brings the action out into the audience.
Tickets are $10, or $6 for students, and are available at the door. For more information, please email or phone Theatre UNB at (506) 447-3078.

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